VMF India

Vandemataram Foundation (VMF) was launched on the eve of the centenary year (2005) celebrations of the Vandemataram movement with a singular goal to improve the quality of education in the rural government schools of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh with the main objective of strengthening attainment of student learning outcomes. Vandemataram Foundation was founded by Ravinder Rao garu and Madhav Reddy Garu in the year 2006. Today with the help of likeminded socially conscious supporters and the tireless efforts of our selfless and dedicated volunteers, Vandemataram Foundation is able to reach out to the students, across the nation-wide to impart quality and moral education.

Takkelapalli Ravinder Rao

Founder Trustee of Vandemataram Foundation

Sri Ravinder garu, has dedicated his life to the cause of nationalism and inculcating patriotism and culture into the minds of youth in villages. Since 1990, he is involved in various social organizations, working towards eradicating child labor and empowerment of villages. During this time, he realized the need of empowerment of government schools, due to which he started Vandemataram Foundation in 2005.


Madhav Reddy Yedma

Founder Secretary Vandemataram Foundation

Born in Kalwakurthy, Nagarkurnool district of Telangana in 1971. School and higher education at Kalwakurthy & Hyderabad. Businessman as a profession and associated with social activities for the last 25 years. Mr. Madhava Reddy Yadma, who dedicated his life to Vandemataram Foundation and has been working full time since 2006 and who dared to declare half of his assets to the welfare of society.